IoT Inventor(TM)

Create and deploy IoT devices without doing anny coding!

Don't be fooled by its simplicity!
IOT Inventor supports deployed devices on its own secure, high-performance, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform-as-a-service.

Our service provides a native application for all platforms. Whether you're an amateur inventor or a seasoned engineer, IOT Inventor is extensible and scales right along with your needs, including white-labeling your own device service.

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  • Create and start using your device in minutes!
  • Control and communicate with your device from anywhere
  • Easily set up status notifications and event triggers
  • Log and view real-time and historical data from your device
  • View device status and manage deployments from your dashboard

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2015 WITI/IBM IoT Hackathon

Why IOT Inventor?

How It Works

Create and Configure

Use IoT InventorTM to easily
drag-and-drop components and virtually
build your device and the software
for communcating with it from
any mobile device or PC,
without doing any programming.
Deploy and Manage

IoT Inventor is a write-once,
launch anywhere cloud-based
software platform, so once you build
your app, you just use the
IoT Inventor App Launcher
to run it on any mobile device.
Monitor and Share

Once you deploy your invention,
get notified by your device
when certain conditions are met,
and view your monitoring stats
on your device dashboard.
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